About Us


Beside the beating heart of our company, own production & sub contractors for our process, is the most important part to serve “the best” quality&product. Beside beach and hammam and bath concept, we thank to our sub contractors for letting us providing the best conditions to our clientele.This product ranges help to present wide variety product quality and choices , our team follow up all internal and outsourced orders for customer satisfaction all the time.


We know marketing and spreading is one of the most important structure in a company as much as production & quality and happy to share our profit & benefits with our co-workers,clientele and vendors.


The products we have produced in the house or even outsourced is our ensurance and dignity . Acknowledging excellence durability of quality is the golden key of our long term business in the market.


We don’t use non-natural ingredients and blends in our regular products, we are working hard to stay as natural as we can to meet desired fabric & pattern even OEM production custom made private label orders . Unfortunaltely, we encounter and hear that some manufacturers use some different blended yarns instead of natural bamboo thread. For us, it is right to share this details with our collaborators in a transparent manner.


During our business life, we desired to work with companies who believe in mutual benefit & trust, systematic operation and quality. We work for the monetizations of our vendors and partners.