Who We Are


There are a lot of companies that do what we do. They share same what and how but our partners work with us for why and our who. We're minds and makers with business sense and creative approach, set out to connect people with what matters most - the experience. And we spend each day doing so by sharpening the tools of the production. Textile division of our group companies built in 2011 to keep up the traditions & values of our group which built in 1965. 

"It's not our work life, it is our life's work."

As you heard from other suppliers in Turkey, it is totally correct that peshtemal towel is high absorbent, soft, lightweight, easy to carry, space saver, fashionable and multi use than a conventional fluffy towels. The difference is constant quality and color options which is a big problem for our competitors. We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make our partners lives better. Working on a big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients as a partner.


In our trade tradition, we only follow 2 principles for years, mutual trust and win & win. Win&win principle guide us to turning customer needs into sales and whereby help us to run our companies since 1965 with our trusted long term clients & vendors.

Textile business of our Group will keep alive our tradition with increasing quality, producing more and providing services to chain stores, wholesaler and importers in Spain, Italy, France, Holland (Netherlands), England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, Dubai, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates and USA markets.

"Peshtemal or Pestemal fabric is the fabric of our culture."

Metia Tekstil Ic ve Dıs Ticaret Ltd. thanks to its creative, dynamic team, experience in the field and customer-oriented structure – is committed to being an indispensable partner.

Thanks to all of our local and abroad partners !